Complimenting Your Way to Happiness

Just like that she was gone with the wind. I never told her how beautiful she was, living in wonder of what could have been. If only I built enough courage to compliment the light she brought into the room, maybe I could have known her.

Admiration without expression has become the norm. Complimenting strangers raises uncomfortable feelings, but why?

Whether you choose to attend to the stimulation that enters the brain, or not. Your neurotransmitters are firing and has thoughts about every single person you see. We innately scan everything and everyone. This is our version of encryption. The question is, how often do we speak of the emotions paired with that stimulation?

Complimenting brings us back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

The feeling of being loved and belonging is a vital component to our success and survival.

The feeling that takes over when receiving recognition, or a compliment is overwhelmingly important. This creates a platform for pleasure, and affirmation.

Sitting next to a stranger on the bus, and you admire their shoes; do you tell them?

You read a colleagues work and thought it was excellent; Do you tell them?

You’re laying next to your spouse in the morning admiring their beauty. Do you tell them?

Or do you think, then dismiss?

The difference between thought and expression is substantial. Thinking someone is beautiful doesn’t allow the receiver to connect feelings, we aren’t mind readers. Strengthen the degree of pleasure and satisfaction in the relationships that surround you and you will strengthen the relationship within yourself. You will feel good when you make other people feel good.

Don’t be a victim of desensitization and express the beauty that you feel.

Filling someone’s bucket with happiness has the capability to create an environment of optimism and positivity allowing for stronger deeper connections.

How will you fill someone’s bucket today?

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