What Happens if We Press Play?

Quit living a half Ass life.

Stop skimming through and actually pay attention to both your lightest and darkest of days.

Use those moments filled with emotions guide your journey facilitating a life powered by wonder and wander.

Get a front row seat to your movie, hush the external noise and press play.

When the movie is headed toward, a sad part, a lull, one of the many climaxes allow yourself to feel.

You have permission to be angry, or upset when someone in your movie dies, or gets hit with the hard ball. However, it’s just a moment, don’t give those moments the ability to define you. Rather, if you get the desire to fast forward, take that remote and fearlessly take out the batteries (because what if you want to hit pause to reflect), face tough moments with courage, and carry wisdom for the future.

In every experience there is a lesson to be learned. The best part of this movie, is you’re the director. If you don’t like a scene, change it. Rewrite your story if you’re unhappy.

In the same token savor the good moments, extend your favorite scenes.

It’s your movie, you can have as many plot twists, climaxes, or battle scenes as you choose.

Be able to look back at your movie when you near the end and say, that was 10 on rotten tomatoes. What good is any movie if you can’t remember half of the scenes?

Don’t just watch your movie, live your movie. Write the best damn movie there ever was. Because you’re in control.

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