Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Elephants in Thailand

Please note before you read: Elephant Nature Park (ENP) is a sanctuary that rescues elephants, they do not support riding elephants, do not harm, or abuse elephants in any way. ENP aims to provide a safe environment for the elephants. A significant amount of research was done prior to attending an elephant experience to ensure the elephants are well taken care of. If you are visiting a sanctuary in Thailand this is the one to go to.

These elephants are captured from their natural habitat, separated from their family, and sinfully abused for human entertainment.

A previously mesmerizing visit the circus will soon have you turning your head in disgust. The information you’re about to hear is painful. That’s intentional. My wish is you never look at performing elephants the same.

A little on the process-

Elephants captured from their habitat are placed in a Phajaan: The elephants legs, bodies and ears are chained to trees and stretched to point of excruciating pain and injury. Defenseless, they’re unable to move, fight, or escape. This is done until the elephant is distressed, depressed, and surrounded by hopelessness.

These elephants are forced into submission by physical and psychological punishment.

To put this into perspective, they have 24 hour monitoring to ensure they don’t step on their trunks in attempt to commit suicide.

A trench is dug below them for urine and stool, they’re not fed, or given any water. Instead they’re stabbed with spears, and sharp hooks causing terrible injury.

What is the mahouts (elephant trainer) solution for these injuries? Motor oil.

Yes, you heard that right. These elephants are held against their will, beaten physically and mentally to the point of suicidal intent and then has motor oil poured into open wounds.

You may have seen elephants painting as an attraction, however, you may not have noticed the person standing ear-side with a metal nail in hand, stabbing the elephant behind the ear if they do not abide their Mahouts instructions.

Not to mention the elephants used for logging, or trekking. This is nothing short of imprisonment and slavery.

The beautiful elephants that are ridden by royalty sometimes have hundred and hundreds of pounds gouging into their backs, this is very painful for the elephants.

Historically, Elephants are a huge part of the Thai culture and is the symbol of the country. If these elephants are seen as sacred creatures they need to be treated as such.

Many “sanctuaries” still force elephants to perform and allow elephant riding. If you do choose to visit a sanctuary do your research.

Elephant Nature Parks mission is to protect and serve the elephants giving them hope for a future free of abuse, neglect and cruel punishment.

This elephant park located near Chiang Mai, Thailand is the home to 80 rescued elephants, 400 rescued dogs, cats, cattle, and is a vegetarian facility, protecting animal rights every way they can.

They do not allow elephant riding, nor do they make elephants perform.

You have the power to make a difference.

Please share to stop elephant abuse.

In efforts to raise awareness to support and rescue elephants 🐘 Dream Big Travel Wide will donate a portion of profits from future apparel sales to the Elephant Nature Park.

An elephant never forgets, and neither should we.

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