Travel Nursing: How do I find the right recruiter

A recruiter can be whatever you want them to be. In terms of degree of involvement there is wide variety, but there is someone out there for you.

I’ve met some recruiters who are very hands involved and you know their intentions are in finding you the perfect assignment, rather than commission.

Some will check on you throughout your assignment to make sure concerns are addressed and that you’re satisfied with your assignment keeping you happy, others you will not hear from the entirety of your assignment.

If you’ve been traveling for years you may not want or need your recruiter as involved finding your assignment and leaving you be which is also okay!

Some will give you a personal cell phone numb and when they say call me anytime you know they’re sincere.

The relationships with your recruiters can become very special. I have been very fortunate to find an amazing recruiter very early on, for some this search can take years bouncing from company to company, and find the right fit with trial by fire.

The nice aspect of travel nursing is that you aren’t locked in to any one person for more than 13 weeks. If you’re not a good match you have the power to shift gears.

Some view themselves as their recruiters boss, while the nurse iff sometimes in control and the recruiter wants to please you don’t be a nightmare.

Remember you are a team. Be thankful for them. This career wouldn’t be possible without your recruiter. Show gratitude, appreciation and love because they deserve it!

They work their asses off for you.

Please reach out with any questions you may have ❤️✌🏼

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