Trust: The secret they’re not telling us

When we meet someone we have two options.
1. Complete trust
2. No trust at all


There is something they’re not telling us.

A third option, of a blank slate and have your trust earned.

We set expectations for new business, personal, and romantic relationships without evidence of loyalty.

We have a set of standards that you expect all newcomers to meet. However, many will not live up to those expectations.

When others fall short, disappointment bridges the distance we fall between the level of anticipated versus delivered commitment.

Consequently speaking, when we build walls when new people enter our lives, we prevent others from proving their loyalty. This masks the true potential of the relationship.

If we build a set of stairs, we can be sure they’re climbed one at a time.

Small acts toward the bigger outcome is a great approach, building trust over time.

Let’s say we give your new employee your biggest project. They very well could do a spectacular job and prove to have an amazing work ethic, but on the other hand they could completely bomb and cause a major upset.

Regardless of the outcome, because you are unaware of their work ethic, you are putting the control in their court and fate in their hands.

Gifting of a small project to examine progression, and outcome of the project is an alternative method to keep your emotions in control reducing anxiety, disappointment, and resentment.

Did they procrastinate? Sloppily thrown together, or was there a plan that was finely executed?

The outcome of the smaller projects is a foundation to the direction of a relationship. To our folks hesitant on trust. It’s important to look at someone new as in individual rather than basing opinions on previous relationships where trust had been broken.

You have the power to prevent disappointment by building your trust in others from the ground up.

How easily do you trust others?

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