Intention: The key to financial freedom

Do you feel like the prisoner to the paper in your pocket, or lack thereof?

Finances are one of the highest stress factors in our lives, it can break relationships apart, and if not used appropriately send you into a downward spiral of debt.

We don’t like to think money has control over our identity, but in some ways it does.

This mostly surrounds mindless money habits.

Awareness, and intentional spending facilitates the separation of money versus person.

Shopping sprees to mask your sorrows do not lead to happiness.

That new fancy car, like a temporary high, will soon fade.

So how do you gain control?

Creating a budget and allocating every dollar earned is a good place to start. Giving each dollar a purpose will take time and may seem like a chore, but mindless money spending surely can’t buy happiness.

With intentional spending you can spend your designated dollars guilt free on whatever brings you joy.

Our debt free journey was tough, but the freedom you gain afterwards is priceless.

Becoming debt free isn’t where the journey ends, it is only the beginning. This is where the next test lies, maintain conscious awareness to prevent regression to old spending habits.

This is something I’ve had to come back to, recommit, and do a reset.

The work you put in now will pay off. Keep the faith.

How do you stay on track with your financial goals?

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