Happiness: Where did I lose you

We are taught from a very young age what to do when we lose something.

If you lose your keys, what are the first words you hear?
Have you looked where you saw them last?
It has been an ingrained lesson that whatever we lose will be sitting right where we left it.
However, when we lose a part of who we are after a bump in the road, it’s much more complicated right?
You can’t just go looking for your happiness where you last had it…Or can we? See if we retrace our steps and follow back to the turning point of our happiness we gain insight on how to recover that happiness.
It is where you left it, there is where you will find how to move forward. By finding the root of why how, and where your happiness was lost you can create actionable steps that will leave you more powerful than before.
Whatever it is that you’re searching for, you WILL find it.  You have the power to takes to rise above your struggles.
For today is only a page in your story, and tomorrow you can write a new page, a better page.
One page at a time.

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