Identity: You Were Not Born to Sit Under Someone Else’s Shade


Is your identity being masked? Are you sacrificing your identity at the expense of others opinions? Does your identity make you question your integrity?

Societal expectations and pressures mold us into who we are “supposed” to be; where mindful guidance, and creative freedom shape us into who we are destined to be.

You see we, are trying to please the’
people who can’t see’
that their dreams are not our dreams.
You see if I’
follow your dreams’
sit under your tree,
masked by your leaves’
I can no longer, see the sun.
It’s time we’
plant our own roots’
of our own tree’
that will grow new leaves.
For I will no longer be the shade of your tree.
I am the tree.
As this new tree,
I will protect, but not shadow
those who may need’
but together we plant their tree’
So they too, can see the sun.

Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, execute those dreams, and own your identity. Tune into your creative thoughts, and hungry mind. Follow passions, dreams, and desires and don’t look back.

You were given a unique set of skills, and the world is ready to see your greatness.

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