Wow, You Really Like Yourself

“Wow, you really like yourself.”

Today I was searching for a photo in my phone to show a colleague.

Peering over my shoulder as I’m scrolling, he said, wow, you really like yourself.

Mind you, this was after I had just spent the most amazing weekend getting to know other travel influencers, and after we went to Instagram haven @thefomofactory where you too will have a phone filled with 1000s of new photos of you and your new friends hysterically laughing throwing giant cupcakes in the air (just you wait).

In the past, I would have probably gotten self-conscious and overanalyzed the entire conversation, but the woman I am becoming proudly said, I don’t like myself, I LOVE myself.

So many people cannot say those three words. They cannot sincerely mean it when they say “I love myself.”

So thank you kind friend for bringing the reminder on the importance of self-love.

Be proud of who you are and never be ashamed of loving the most important person in your life, you!

Here are two short clips that are worth listening to! Let me know what you think!

Value yourself

Love yourself

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