Crater Lake National Park

Pictures don’t do this natural wonder justice. Crater Lake National Park, in Oregon is the perfect weekend getaway.

Entrance to the park is $25.00 for a 7 day pass, or you can also use your National Park pass to enter.

We started with the Sun Notch Trail to check out Phantom Ship.

Short, sweet, secluded and easy. We were told this trail gives you the best views of phantom ship the rock formation below.

This was the terrain the entirety of the trail with little elevation change.

We then headed over to Vidae Falls.

This was right off the road so no hike, just views!

From there we hit the Castle Crest Wildflower Trail, which I’m SURE would be so so beautiful when the flowers are in bloom. We were just too early in mid June.

A quick short loop to enjoy the scenery, wouldn’t be complete without a snowball fight!

This is one way to get the most of the weather!

From here we headed toward the rim trail, this goes around the entire lake. We covered a lot of ground and around every corner was another incredible view of the lake.

Crater lake was formed approximately 7,700 years ago when Mt. Mazama erupted and collapsed creating the platform for the lake you see today.

Crater lake at 1,943′ deep, making it the deepest lake in the United States. There are no rivers, streams, or other form of water that flow into this lake, all of this water has come from precipitation.

There is a hemlock, known as the “old man of the lake.”  Extending 4′ out of the water and 30′ below this log has been floating upright in the lake for over a century. This hemlock will move with the currents of the water, so be sure to look for it!

crater lake old man

Try not to fall in!

We went at the most perfect time. After headed along the rim trail for a good amount of time.. we caught a storm rolling in.

It was bizarrely fantastic getting to see the sheet of rain and the contrast in blues headed toward us.

Which very quickly turned to hail so we headed back toward the car.

We originally wanted to do the Cleetwood Cove Trail which is about a mile and 700′ in elevation change down to the lake where first come first served get to ride a ferry out to Wizard Island, but it didn’t open up until the week after our trip.

I hear this is a MUST see, so try to plan your visit accordingly. You cannot purchase tickets ahead of time, and you have to get there early as they will sell out of tickets fast.

We headed over to the lodge where you could warm up by the fire, have a cozy nights stay, eat some tasty food, or just put your feet up.

After refueling, we headed toward the Pinnacles Trail. Genuine excitement here 😂

What are pinnacles?

These needle-like formations were created by the cooling of volcanic ash after the large eruption of Mazama. Pretty neat!

Here is a list of trails with length and level of difficulty.

You couldn’t spend enough time staring out at the lake, whether it’s from the lodge deck in a rocking chair sipping on your favorite fancy bev, or setting up shop in a tipi 20 minutes away for a weekend in the wilderness. The Tipi we stayed in was found on Airbnb. These hosts also do horseback riding tours for $65.00/an hour and a half, if only we had more time!

for 🌈 rainbows,



And a 🔥

Cheers to a perfect weekend with my ladies ❤️

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