An Important Secret to Keeping Your Love Tank Full

When you visualize your future you create a box, you fill this box with hopes, dreams and desires.

We meet someone who we fall in love with and share with them the contents of our box, which we hope to be filled.

While it’s important to have these dreams, the problem surfaces when we gift our box to the receiving half it don’t feel like dreams, wishes, desires, but rather expectations.

The pressure then begins for your partner to fill your box and keep it filled with the fear of failure if it doesn’t stay full.

So how can we prevent our box from crossing the line to expectation?

Expectations ride the same wave as a form of debt.

The moment you EXPECT your partner to take of the garbage, say I love you, buy you flowers, cook you dinner, buy the groceries, pay the rent, you lose your sense of gratitude.

View every situation as if it’s a surprise, unexpected and express gratitude.

*Post inspired by Andy Stanley

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