7 Tips to Laugh Your A** off Always

Head into the world laughing today. If you choose laughter as your most trusted sidekick it won’t let you down.

While in some instances grieving is necessary for healing, laughter at its finest can create a powerful energy that can heal the deepest wounds.

Create a mindset that laughter is the almighty healer. There have been numerous studies discovering a strong correlation between healing time and illness.

This isn’t voodoo people, it’s science.

With laughter your brain releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure among other things. Essentially uncontrollable laughter is the purest high you will ever experience.

Laughter is an excellent coping mechanism, solid mood stimulator, and most effective medicine.

So when you’re in a tough situation ask yourself… what can I laugh about?

Here are 7 ways to get a great laugh.

1. Comedy: Tell jokes, watch your favorite comedian, watch videos that make you laugh.

2. Reminisce: whether you’ve just lost someone near and dear, or you’re trying to bring joy to someone who really needs it replay or reenact the best memories. Sometimes we can use a joyful blast from the past.

3. Physical touch: (ONLY WHEN APPROPRIATE) I’m not saying go and tickle your coworkers people, let’s be smart about this. But tickling and playful laughter can lighten any room.

4. No laughing game: You try to stare someone in the face seeing who can go the longest without laughing. Bet you’ll laugh. This childlike game may seem silly, but it’s effective.

5. Just start laughing: Literally force yourself into laughing as hard as you can, as long as you can, just laugh. this will seem uncomfortably awkward, but will eventually shift to genuine laughter, and at the end you will look back and say, “what just happened?”

6. Share your best stories: The times when you remember laughing so hard you cried. Bring back those moments and hear new hilarious childhood stories of those around you.

7. Happy place: Go there and just stay a little while.

You will never be sad, angry, upset about laughing. So start laughing, you won’t be sorry.

What can you laugh about today?

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