Insight to Becoming the Most Successful Blogger in 2018 and Beyond

Recently I’ve decided to start a travel blog.

I find that some are wholeheartedly supportive and others are skeptical, condescending and tell you you’re not going to be successful. “The market of bloggers is too saturated.”

“You’ve missed the opportunity to become successful.”

But let me ask you something. What is your definition of success?

Because my definition doesn’t consist of millions of followers, representing brands that I don’t believe in, pretending, solely displaying the most beautiful scenery, or the happiest moments.

My definition of success would be to speak to those struggling to find their passions. To help those people believe in themselves and aspire to a level of greatness and gratitude they didn’t know was possible.

My definition of success is to genuinely love and believe every word that I express on pen and paper.

I would be content if I made a difference in just one persons life.

Sorry to say your negative energy shall not defeat me. To anyone struggling to keep your torch burning, I have some extra matches.

Providing value, believing in yourself and staying committed to your mission and values, will create a platform to build your audience organically, creating a community of genuinely engaged followers. 1000 followers who connect with you, is infinitely more powerful than having 1.2 million ghost followers. Try not to focus on your numbers and focus on the process.

Keep learning, growing, creating and inspiring,  because your level of success is determined by you. Believe in everything you do and it will conquer all.

3 Replies to “Insight to Becoming the Most Successful Blogger in 2018 and Beyond”

  1. Our group of friends started a blog to record our stories and adventures so we can go back and read about them, and hopefully have a good laugh. If we’re able to inspire someone, like you are referring to, then I would say we’ve accomplished more than what we were looking to do, and that would be awesome!

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