My First Downhill Mountain Biking Experience

Wow. WOW. WOW!!

We are going to take a chairlift to the the top of this mountain and shred the hell out of this mountain on the way down.

This was the wildest, most exhilarating and simultaneously terrifying experience that leaves you wanting more.

We arrived at Mt. Shasta Ski Park and were fitted for our bikes right away. Taylor, the manager and our new friend was helping us out. If you go to this park BE SURE to meet this dude, he along with every other employee, he was unbelievably friendly and encouraging.

I expressed this was my first time mountain biking, his eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning, and said he would take us up himself to take us on a run and show us the ropes.

First of all if you’ve never been on a full suspension bike you must. It’s a game changer, like no other bike I’ve ever experienced. How you could ever go back to a regular bike, i’m not sure.

After learning some basic safety skills, we strapped on our helmets we were headed up the chairlift, yes a chairlift to go mountain biking.

The dudes at the bottom will load your bikes onto the lift for you and you’re responsible for taking them off at the top.

After following Taylor up to the top, we chose to head “the easiest way down.”

This bike was insane, the terrain became so foreign with a bike underneath me opposed to my feet, adding another dimension of surprise to the mix.

The first run, I’m not sure I let my hand off the brake, at all.

But we all made it to the bottom (in one piece) and I immediately wanted more. So we headed back up to do the same “beginner” hill 5 more times and every time was a new adventure!

After each run I found myself clenching the handlebars so tightly I wasn’t sure I could pry them off at the bottom.

It was an interesting discovery that every muscle in your body is put to work calves, quads, biceps triceps, glutes are all activated. Probably in hopes your bike doesn’t escape your control leaving you a mouthful of dirt.

Needless to say, downhill riding is more tiring than you’d imagine and that 15 minute chairlift up provided necessary downtime between runs.

Expect to be muddy, sore, and tired after a day riding the mountain!

If you get the opportunity I would 100% recommend downhill mountain biking, it was a blast! Also, the best birthday gift, thank you Scott for making this an amazing birthday! ❤️

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