Survival Skills: Cougars

10 tips to survive a cougar encounter.

1. Never lose eye contact, your life depends on your skills here, so you better win this round of the staring contest.

2. If you spot a cougar walk backwards the entirety of your route. Until you have a physical barrier between you and the cougar you do not turn around (a car, or a house) the moment you turn your back that cougar will pounce..

3. DO NOT RUN. This may be your first instinct when face to face with a cougar, but let’s realistically think about how that will end. Who do you see winning? This fancy feline doesn’t tap out until it reaches almost 50 mph.

4. Make yourself seem as large as possible. Speak loud and clear showing the cougar you are not prey. This is in no regard telling you it’s a good idea to reason with this animal.

5. If you spot a cougar typically they stalk their prey for a long time before attacking. Be hyper-aware of your surroundings and avoid being kitten dinner.

6. prevent accidental sneaking up on a cougar, play music, talk loudly among friends, or other hikers; make it known that you are present.

7.Avoid hiking alone in cougar country there is power in numbers.

8. In cougar county avoid letting your pups off leash they are more likely to be attacked than humans. If there have been reported cougar sightings it is best to leave your fur friends at home.
9. If your animal starts to behave erratically, nervous, or defensive use this as a warning sign as a cougar may be nearby.

10. Be sure that the cougar doesn’t feel trapped, or corned. it is best to keep a great distance between you and a cougar.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Oregon Coast: Ecola State Park

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