Oregon Coast: Ecola State Park

There was a man who stepped out of his car and walked out of sight around the corner. On his way back our window was down and he looked at us and yelled. ” Y’all got about 23 cars ahead of you.”

Thank you kind sir.

The park crew was only letting one car in as one car left. This was at 11:00 AM. Don’t be discouraged the line moved rather quick and we found a spot right away to park to began our venture.

Entry fee: $5.00 (good for any other Oregon State park used the same day)

Terrian: The first potion of the trail is paved and turns to a dirt trail. Tennis shoes are 👌🏽 for this trail.

Beware: You’re in Cougar country. Be sure to check out the latest post on cougar survival skills.

Elevation: 330′ change.

Summer and I pulled into Ecola point exited the car and gazed across the vibrant green field where  picnic tables were occupied by families enjoying the cloudless sunny day looking over the cliff onto the ocean ahead.

Summer was our navigator, needless to say she was doing an excellent job with her map upside down. In her defense, from where we were standing the map made sense upside down.

We went and admired the cliff side view before we headed out on the trail.

The trail goes along the coastline and had breathtaking views.

8 miles of the Oregon Coast Trail runs through this park.

This trail is approximately 2.6 miles round-trip when you can make it to the beach. However, the map of this trail says you can go all the way to Indian beach, due to a mudslide the trail ends short of the beach and is not passable beyond this sign.

Even though you’re unable to make it all the way to the beach from this trail it is still a lovely trail, not super long and will get you some cool scenery.

However, if its the beach you wish to see, you will have to take the road for access.

What are your favorite Oregon Coast trails?

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