How to Get Lucky

Luck and happiness, is there a correlation? I’m no expert, but the theory makes sense.

Check it.

I’m sure you know of at least one person in your life that luck seems to follow. Opportunities fall into their lap; it seems unfair and we are envious of their opportunities? Right?

What if you could have their luck? Would you take it?

There are a few things people with “luck” have in common. The biggest one, they actually control their luck.

You see the lucky ones seek out opportunities, see the light in any situation and don’t see something as being coincidental.

You see the relationships we create, places we go, activities we participate in are all in our control.

So I still don’t know what makes people lucky?

The difference is, the lucky ones are captivating and optimizing their encounters . They’re setting themselves up for success. Seriously.

Those who take risks, whether it be financially, emotionally, physically are just plain given more chances to get lucky. Staying inside your realm of comfort won’t even allow for a fraction of the experiences so statistically you’re less likely to get lucky.

Additionally check out the difference in mentality between being lucky and unlucky.

Getting robbed:

Unlucky person: why does this always happen to me? Of all the people in the world, I was chosen for robbery. That phone was everything to me.

Lucky person: luckily all they took was my phone and didn’t do me any physical harm. I am lucky to have gotten out of that situation when I did, safely.

Unlucky person: Dating is useless, there are so many wrong people out there and I’ve met every one of them.

Lucky person: dating is fun, you can make so many connections even if it’s not right romantically, I can meet new people and have a great time.

Unlucky person: The dog pooped on the floor again.

Lucky person: Glad the dog didn’t poop in my shoe.

Unlucky: I just drank expired milk, now I’m going to get food poisoning.

Lucky: I’ve been meaning to start a cleanse for my body, this is the perfect way to rid the toxins (not really, but you get the idea).

The main difference between being lucky and unlucky is the perspective of the experience. If it was, nothing ever “goes right,” or my way” You’re probably unlucky.

If you search for the good, you will have all the luck in the world. Choose to be happy choose to be healthy, choose to get outside your comfort zone, choose to take a risk, because…

It’s about that time for you to get lucky!

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