Portland: Mitchel Point Trail

Distance: 2.6 miles out and back

Difficulty level: Moderate

Elevation gain: Steep incline with fairly quick elevation gain. Don’t recommend this trail after leg day. Your legs could start a forest fire with the amount of đŸ”„ burn đŸ”„ you’ll feel.

WARNING: Poison oak runs along both sides of the trail. Pants recommended.

We arrived around 9:30am on a Sunday and we had the parking lot to ourselves. MF score! Nothing like an empty trail on a weekend morning!

There is a bathroom at the trailhead and a map at the start. You won’t miss the trailhead.

The trail well cleared the entirety of the way to the top.

The terrain decides to get tricky at some points. Might not be the best trail to conquer if it’s raining. You pass three patches of these loose rocks as you switchback you way to the peak.

But the views start to open up, we haven’t made it to the peak and the views are already insane!

You also see some nice wildflowers alongside the trail. Scott gave me crap because apparently…I chose the dead ones to take photos of, however, in my defense, I feel like they look pretty alive in this photo.. what do you think?

Once you make it past the meadow area…

You turn the corner to head up this hill..

And congratulations, you’ve made it!

Worth it? What do you think?


Well, here goes nothing!

Be careful on the way down. Slipped pretty good a few times! Solid shoe grip recommended!

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