How to Talk to Yourself, the Right Way!

“I’m not strong. I am not wise. I am not capable. I am not worthy. I am not enough.”

We are our own worst critic and it’s time we put that little negative bird chirping inside our heads to rest. FOR GOOD.

Make today the day to start believing in yourself. Believe today that you are a winner and you WILL start winning.

It’s time we talk to ourselves with PRIDE and CONFIDENCE, because our mind, the home of everything we know to be true, is where the world begins; and ends.

Our mind is the creator of the life we CHOOSE to live.

Here are 5 ways to take charge of your thoughts

1. Start psyching yourself up in the morning. YOU ARE ALIVE, SO ACT LIKE IT. Look at yourself in the mirror every  morning. Talk to yourself powerfully.

“I am kind. I am confident. I am compassionate. I am genuine. I am strong. I am                    mindful. I CAN LIVE A LIFE OF GREATNESS. . I WILL LIVE A LIFE OF GREATNESS. I            MUST LIVE A LIFE OF GREATNESS.”

A healthy mind is a happy heart.

2.  Remove yourself from negative situations. Don’t let anyone knock you down. If               you’re faced with an unavoidable situation, you have the capability to control the tone of the room by redirecting the conversation in a positive way.

3. Actively participate in your thoughts throughout the day. If you catch yourself red handed having negative thoughts pause; and re-frame the direction you’re heading counteracting the negative thoughts that arise.

4. Have an active voice. Rather than saying, “I should/could really go to the gym.”  instead say ” I AM GOING to the gym.”  Just START. Take the word can’t out of your vocabulary, because quite frankly, you’re better than that.

5. Learn to stop holding onto and obsessing what is out of your control.

For example if you’ve just interviewed for a job:

Rather than..” What if they don’t call me back? I bombed this question, I forgot to mention … they didn’t laugh at my jokes ”

And focus on what you CAN control ” I did my best, I nailed this question, and they would be lucky to have me”

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