Portland: Trail of Ten Falls

Distance: 8.7 mile loop

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate trail is clearly marked with provided maps

Elevation gain: approximately 1300′

Entry fee: $5.00/car

Traffic: heavily congested until you get going on the longer trail then it opens up a lot. Suggested morning arrival, or weekday rather than weekend. This was Mother’s Day Sunday and it was packed!

This trail is on the longer end for day hikes but as long as you pack yourself some lunch and plenty of water you will be golden.

The elevation was gradual the entire way. So no true strenuous exertion along the trail.

1. At 177′ South Falls were first on the map and they certainly did not disappoint, with impressively gorgeous cascade and a walk behind the scene experience we knew this was going to be a great day! Be sure to stay along the Canyon trail. There are signs pointing you in the right direction.

2. Lower South falls at 93′ was one of my favorites. The traffic was clearing by this point.

3. Lower North Falls at 27′ may be smaller than her sisters, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t mighty.

4. Double Falls at 178′ a beautiful place to stop and catch some sun, cool off in the shade, or take a dip at the bottom of the falls.

5. Drake Falls at 27′ and have seen half of the waterfalls keep it up!

6. Middle North Falls at 106′ this is another behind the scenes experience. (After Middle North there is a fork in the path if you don’t feel up to seeing all 10 falls you would take winter falls trail back to the rim trail and head back toward the parking lot).

7. Twin Falls at 31′ you couldn’t get the greatest angle, but still quite nice.

8. North falls at 127′ was insane. The grotto was carved out so deep and was an amazing experience. It seems that many others felt the same as there have been a few benches placed behind this fall so you can stop and take it all in.

9. Upper north falls at 65′ can you taste the rainbow? This is often the forgotten falls because it’s not exactly along the loop. Be sure to make this one of your stops as it was rather impressive.

10. Winter is coming, here at winter falls at 134′ this is the last of the falls on our route, but not to worry the route back to our car is filled with lush greenery you won’t be disappointed!

We will be taking the rim trail back to the lot where we parked, just over a mile back to the car.

2 Replies to “Portland: Trail of Ten Falls”

  1. Amazing pictures! I wasn’t able to complete the trail when I went (probably because it was the dead of winter) and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since! It does look so much nicer in the spring, and I was probably wearing more clothes than all the people in the second picture combined, but I have fond memories of the three waterfalls we got to see 🙂

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