Four MUST See Trails: Arches National Park

1. Balanced Rock: This is a 0.3 mile roundtrip partially paved hike. This is a 128′ rock formation with the top portion boulder at 55′ weighing a shocking 3 million kilograms.

I wouldn’t want to be there the day the boulder decides to kick it.

2. The Windows: An easy 1 mile roundtrip trail allows for viewings of three huge arches, including the North window, South window and Turret Arch.

On this hike you’ll also see the parade of elephants (two above and one below). Can you see the elephants in these rock formations? So cool!

3. Double Arch: This is a 0.5 mile roundtrip trail a quick, easy route to add to your itinerary! Not much change in elevation here. You can park in the same location as the windows trail.

4. Delicate Arch: with 480′ in elevation gain most of which is gained here. This is the most beautifully scenic and generously photographed arch, complimented by a decent amount of traffic.

The sun is killer on this trail so make sure you’re prepared.

This would be the PERFECT place to end your day. Sunset and picnic, you will be coined number one for romance.

We hit a good amount of the trails in the park in a day so this is 💯 doable If you’re in a time crunch!

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