Who is Molly?

This past week was fully loaded with a variety of emotions. Leaving my assignment in Hawaii parting ways with friends, heading home to Michigan and reminiscing with old friends, getting physically and mentally prepared for the next assignment and journey.

Since the last post was focused on relationships while on the road, we will just keep driving, full speed ahead into creating meaningful connections.

While some are natural social butterflies, life of the party, center stage, or class clown. I’ve found more value creating a few meaningful, powerful, significant connections with the people I meet, rather than having superficial connections with everyone I meet. That isn’t to say you can’t leave a lasting impression, or profound connection with someone  (honestly, Just get past the weather conversation and learn something worth remembering).

If you were talking to Scott, he would probably say “Halle could make friends with a wall, and will talk with someone every opportunity she gets.” This is entirely accurate, I feel like we get entirely to consumed with our phones that we miss so much of the beauty created in genuine connections. We MISS EVERYTHING. Being consumed with technology takes away from those who are right in front of you.  Whether this is someone behind your in line at Starbucks at the airport, (what’s up, Aiden! Hope Cali and your crazy commute is treating you well) or people you meet while hiking  (Sarah and Bob, Hope PIT is warming up for you, cant wait to hear about where your next adventure takes you), regardless if I ever see these people again, the joy human connection brings is infinitely more powerful then what a phone could ever provide.

In that regard, putting your phone away, making yourself vulnerable, and taking the time to reach out to others, some cases you will have a meaningful conversation, worst case, you don’t get anything back, best case, MOLLY.


Molly is a travel nurse who was on assignment with me in Hawaii. We were waiting in line to get our ID badges before orientation and she was the first person I spoke with. Molly was pretty quiet, for the first 5 minutes. I believe something gravitates me toward those introverted in nature. Pulling an introvert out of their shell is like a box of chocolates, you really never know what you’re going to get.

What I found in this box of chocolates was the most genuine, kind, selfless human being. Her positive energy is contagious and is without a doubt the most beautiful soul iv’e ever met. This girl is the sh*t, y’all! Whether she creates Americas next top winery, an APP (of which the idea cannot be released because it’s honestly a million dollar idea),  or one of her other numerous brilliant ideas, regardless of the path Molly chooses, 100%, you will WANT TO BE ON HER TEAM. Not only this, but Molly is the most supportive person continually boosting confidence, pushing those around her to follow their dreams. Would you believe I have only been friends with this girl for three months? These are the types of friendships that will last a lifetime, the ones that provide unmeasurable value, creating the best version of yourself.

Next time you’re in line, in an elevator, on a plane, or in the lunchroom…ASK, and LEARN something that’s worth remembering. Who knows, you may find yourself a Molly.

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