Relationships While on the Road

Does the idea of creating and maintaining relationships while traveling seem like an unsolvable puzzle?

Sustainability can be tough, especially in a completely different time zone, or on opposite sides of the country.

They’re waking’re going to sleep, they’re starting work.. you’re finishing work you just can’t seem to line up the pieces quite right.

This can be mentally and physically challenging when you’re so far from those you care about most!

Here are some ways to maintain strong friendships when distance seems to be an overwhelming obstacle.

Disclaimer*** This is in no way, shape, or form an experts opinion, rather just a girl, who’s trying to “figure it all out” and share from personal experience along the way.

1. Expect the amount of time you spend with them to change. Regardless of how close you are to that person, this is going to be challenging. As humans, we are creatures of habit, allow the change to strengthen your relationship, not conquer it.

2. Life is a journey, be sure to be present where you are, rather than obsess of where you once were. This is a new chapter, if you’re not fully committed it’s going to lead to dissatisfaction, and disappointment. Maintain relationships, but explore forward wholeheartedly to have the most genuine experience possible.

3. Some relationships are geographically charged, in a sense that when distance is favorable you’re inseparable, but when space between you increases, consistency in contact decreases. This isn’t to say the friendship is any less valued, if anything this gives unmeasurable gratitude for the times you do connect. Also, know when reunited no matter the time passed, It’s like your friendship never missed a beat.

That being said, try not to stress about not talking every single day, your true friends will still be your friends no matter the distance.

3. Being on the road has also taught me when to leave a friendship behind, distancing yourself from those who were once closest to you will allow yourself to have an objective perspective on the relationship. The ones who are consumed with jealousy, and resentment, the ones who tear you down, or prevent you from following your dreams, don’t deserve a seat at your table. Eliminate toxicity from your life by cutting ties with those who bring you down, hold you back, and take away from your happiness.

4. I know what you’re thinking, what about those relationships that you WANT and NEED the fire burning. HELLO, ITS POSSIBLE! Just remember for those of you contemplating a long distance relationship, it’s tough, Scott and I have done it, but we still managed to talk every single day. If you make each other a priority, and both have unconditional value in keeping the relationship alive, then you’re golden. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Am I right? This is undoubtedly a test of your relationship and if you can make it through this then you can make it through anything! Long distance, definitely takes two to tango you’ve got to be all in!

Here are some ways to come closer to solving the puzzle.

1. Schedule a daily, weekly, heck, even monthly call, Skype, or FaceTime session and hold yourself accountable. Following through with your promises will positively reinforce the relationship and it’s meaning.

2. Be old fashioned and write each other postcards, or letters to let them know you care.

3. Communication is key, voice concerns, and come up with a solution preventing buildup of any frustration along the way.

4. Be flexible, your friendships don’t have to end if they’re not quite the same as when you left.

Always Remember to keep an open mind and open heart, this will help you tremendously.

What has worked for you to keep your relationships alive while traveling?!

2 Replies to “Relationships While on the Road”

  1. Luckily Facebook helps me stay closer to my friends/family all over the country/world without having to call regularly.
    I use WhatsApp and have ongoing conversations with my closest friends daily even though we are in different time zones and have crazy schedules. I’m not sure I could keep my relationships as close without those 2 apps. They’ve changed my world for the better.

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