Choose your path: Focus forward

I believe that everyone was brought into this world on purpose. No matter who you are, how you define yourself, what your values, beliefs, and desires may be..

We are the ones in control of our reality, we choose our job, partner, friends, and the decisions we make.

My focus is centered around living the most intentional life.

As a travel nurse, you’re moving to a new state, working in a new facility, with new coworkers, new practices, procedures, protocols and you have to be ready, because you only have a day, or so to learn everything.

This is very far from the status quo, having to uproot your life every 13 weeks and not knowing what you’re walking into can be stressful, or intimidating for some.

However, I choose to use every new assignment, experience, and interaction as an opportunity to learn and focus on self- development improving my skills.

If I’m placed in a foreign situation, rather than complaining, my thought process is, how can I use this to my advantage? How can I make the most of my situation? How can I use this opportunity to take charge of my intentions and live optimally. How can I connect with each and every person I meet in the most meaningful way possible?

I often work with a surgeon who some find difficult to work with many don’t enjoy being in his room as he can be rather particular and impatient. Of course, as a traveler that’s become my primary room, instead of making everyday miserable for myself I’m able to turn everything around to make it a positive situation.

Others say: He is needy.. I say he wants the best for his patient.

Others say: He has too much equipment.. I say, teach me how to use everything you’re using.

Others say: He asks for too much information and is too specific.. I say HELL YES to detail because knowledge is power.

He asked me the other day…

“Halle, how long will you be staying?”

“You know doc, I’m only going to be staying until April”

“You should stay longer, I enjoy having you in my room.”

This was after I was at the facility for about 3 weeks. I created this situation by viewing myself the way I view myself, not the way I think others view me.

View yourself the way you view yourself… not the way you think others view you.

By taking charge of your life, you will be in control of your reactions. That which brought stress and frustration will slowly have a less significant impact on your emotions, eventually, gaining control of your thoughts, preventing external stimuli from having the upper hand. Create your own opinion and don’t allow others, dim your light, or influence your views.

Tune out toxicity and focus your attention on that which brings you the power of opportunity, potential for growth, and the practice of authenticity.

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