Hawaii: Pololū Valley

To the north!

Distance: 1 mile round trip

Difficulty level: moderate

Elevation gain: approximately 300′

To reach the parking area you will take highway 270 east until it dead ends. There is enough parking for around 10 cars, with additional street parking. This was also the first sunny day we’ve seen a while so we decided to explore in style!

This is a short, but stellar hike down into the valley of the north on the big island. The hike isn’t too difficult, but it is very muddy and slippery so be careful on your journey down. Boots with ankle support 👌🏽are a good idea.

This is your view on the way down, excellent! 👌🏽

When you’ve realized you wear the same tank every time you hike.

And then decide you don’t actually care because it’s a goodie.

There are some pretty incredible views on the way down, but THIS is UNREAL.. Just trying to take it all in.

Beyond the beach is where the trail ends, I believe there is a trail past this point, however, it hasn’t been maintained so are trail is faint, to nonexistent.

This area was honestly a giant playground and a lot of fun!

Tree swings…

Rope swings

And tons of green!

The drive up to this hike was incredible so be sure to have your camera ready and rolling along the way.

On the way down be sure to stop at off the grid for the best smoothies on the island and drink with donkeys

Then head over to to Big Island Brewhaus for a bite and a brew for some solid food. 👌🏽we ordered the chili relleno and the green chili stew, both were recommendations by our waitress Sabrina, and were on point! We wished we ordered a full meal.

I’ll work on getting more food pictures in the future, typically by the time I remember to take them, my plate is 75% crushed.

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