Groomsman: For a man he’s never met

This past weekend Scott and I made the 20 plus hour journey to Marshalltown, Iowa to share in our friends big day.

I know what you’re thinking… what the heck is in Iowa? Not much, at least this time of year, it’s pretty cold and flat, and dry.

But the story is exceptional (at least I think so).

Scott and Grant (the groom) became friends nine years ago, on Xbox Live. Wait.. that’s real? Seems insane, but it’s true. They’ve played video games together all these years. Now, I’m not one for video games myself, but apparently there is something beyond killing people, stealing cars, and building forts.

You kill, steal and build together, and this created a incredibly unique friendship. Since I’ve known Scott he’s talked about Grant as one of his best friends. You would never know they’ve NEVER MET IN PERSON.

It’s like a 9 year version of Tinder.. hoping and praying you’re not going to be the next victim of MTV’s Catfish. Their families know about each other, significant others know about each other, however, over the years living in different states prevented their meeting.

Here is where it gets really crazy! Last year Grant asked Scott to be a groomsman in his wedding. HOLY CRAP! This is a serious friendship. What better day to meet than on your wedding day?

Family was placing bets, on whether or not Scott would show. Who is this virtual dude? Is he even real?

I think I was way more excited than Scott was for their first time meeting. I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but I was really, so excited.

We flew from Hilo, Hawaii> San Diego, California to > Minneapolis, Minnesota then drove to Marshalltown Iowa to meet these guys! He must have a lot of faith!

Anyway, we finally arrive in Marshalltown and all of the hotels were full so we stayed at the Motel 6, truly, a classy establishment (honestly, they remodeled so it wasn’t terrible) unpacked our things, and headed to Willard’s Furs and Fashions to pick up his tux for the wedding which looked to be there since the land before time, with a straight up vintage decor from the grand opening in what seemed to be hundreds of years ago.

Scott was trying on his tux and then Grant just walks into the store, we weren’t expecting him.

So we were really caught off guard… this was the moment I’ve been waiting for, forever!

They see each other say, “what’s up dude?!” and shake hands.

Are you serious?! Literally, as if they saw each other last week. That’s how comfortable they are with each other. So bizarre, but I guess when you’ve been good friends for so long… it’s just natural?

Later at the dress rehearsal I expressed my disappointment in their initial interaction. They redid their introduction for me and it was much better the second time around.

The dress rehearsal was on the upper level of Calvin Rockett and I would 100% recommend this restaurant/bar – it had a hometown feel and was just excellent.

The upper level can be reserved for private parties. You can sense the history in the room. The BEST part of this upstairs area is a grill-it-yourself station and the food was BOMB!

We didn’t spend much time on the lower level, but it was packed and looked like the place to be on a Friday night!

Be sure to try the Mocha Cream! It’s their homemade, signature drink and it was delicious! Don’t ask what’s in it, because, it’s probably a secret and you most likely won’t be able to recreate this magical flavor.

In between the wedding and reception photos were taken and the S.O.S were able to tag along, obviously had to take advantage of this photo op.

This is a photo of the bride and groom who look undoubtedly stunning.

A few cocktails later, here is a photo of the four of us at the reception. Good news. There was no catfish this go around. Cheers to old friendships, new beginnings and Xbox Live for bringing us all together!

9 Replies to “Groomsman: For a man he’s never met”

      1. I bet so. That’s really neat and I wish I could meet my online friends. One good thing about being in school is that you are in a way forced to be around people and relationships come from that. I no longer go to school and I work from home so I am pretty antisocial. Guys seem to make friends easier.

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  1. Hahahaha I love that they redid the initial meeting for you! One of my friends was actually in the exact same situation, she made friends with a girl through an online game like 12 years ago and last year she flew out to Minnesota or somewhere to be a bridesmaid for her online friend that she’s never met.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Nope! I think they might’ve followed each other on social media and whatnot, but that was their first time meeting in person! I’m actually kinda envious lol, to have a friendship that strong

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  2. Met you at the wedding and didn’t know about this story until then. Such a cool story that I’m not sure how to one-up with my online friends. You two seem like very open genuine people and its no surprise that Grant would gravitate towards your type of people even in an online, non-face-to-face setting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Ryan! Thanks for reading and thank you for the kind words 🙏🏽! It was really cool to meet everyone! Keep us updated on where your next assignment takes you maybe our paths will cross somewhere along the road!!


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