How to Choose a Travel Partner

How to choose a travel companion.

Photos from that time we hiked Pikes Peak, our first 14er in Colorado!

Are you going on a trip and cant decide who you should ask to accompany you on this journey… I can imagine this would be a difficult decision as you want this to be your trip of a lifetime. You don’t want to be stuck with someone who doesn’t have the same vision as you.


Some questions to consider asking a potential travel companion

What is your desired activity level?

The importance ok knowing ahead of time what your travel companions activity level is critical. Why? Well, if you planned an itinerary to hike 15 miles a day every day for the next week and your partner planned on hiking to the beach and plopping down to read a book,  your visions are probably not in synch with one another.


This may cause significant tension on your trip. However, if you discuss this ahead of time and you plan to maybe hike 15 miles and then beach the next day for a rest day this would be a nice compromise and you are both aware of the expectations.

Additionally, you can discuss the possibility of doing separate activities ahead of time. If you’re set on traveling with a specific individual, but you are a nature enthusiast and they are a shopping connoisseur arrange time to spend apart so you are both able to enjoy your day and don’t feel obligated to spend time wishing you were elsewhere. This will prevent resentment and allow for you to truly be present and make the most of your time.


What is your ideal vacation?

This goes along with the question above. Are we thinking a cruise, eat and party, or hike, bike, and camp?

What is your schedule on vacation?

Are you a morning riser up before dawn, making every moment count, or are you an “I’m on vacation I am sleeping until 10 and then taking a nap at 2. Very different ideas here. Do you make an itinerary? Make this ahead of time and show the person of which you intend to travel.


What is your desired budget?

Traveling with someone who respects your finances is important. Especially, if you are on a tight budget. Are you planning to grocery shop and cook, or eat out every night? Do you have food restrictions? Will your companion be willing to accommodate your vegan diet?


Can you share a room with this person?

If you are type A and super organized and you are traveling with a non type A. Are you going to be able to handle the “organized chaos” That really just looks like a bomb went off? Do they have the capability to be a respectful non type A? That’s a thing right? keep your stuff in this corner and we will be okay that compromise again.




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