Friendship: Divided by distance, not by strength


Riding a bus, flying a plane, sitting in the break room at work…What do all of these have in common? All eyes are glued to their phones, headphones in, and world tuned out.

It’s almost as everyone has forgotten how to socialize. Without their phones, they’re lost.

I’ll tell you what could happen when you socialize.

Afton Turner was at my university for 6 weeks as a research assistant, In town from England. This was five years ago. In college I worked at the front desk in a residence hall, one of the job duties included checking in visitors to their new home. I met her on a Monday, and that Friday some girlfriends and I were going to Chicago. Naturally, I invited her to join us on our trip.

As she might say, “this girl is absolutely mad! ” As I invited a stranger on a trip a plane ride away just days after meeting.

Call me crazy, but asking Afton to join us on that trip was the planted seed that continues to grow into our lifelong friendship. Even with miss Turner being on the opposite side of the world, 4,000 miles away, and as she would say, “a 16 hour time difference (a joke she will enjoy).”  We have created and maintained a beautiful friendship. Whether it’s calling via Skype, Facebook messenger, handwriting letters (yes, some people still do this), or sending little care packages over the years.

It has been 5 years since I have seen this colorful soul and we were finally reunited for one epic adventure!

Although, I am so thankful for technology and the ease it has brought us, in regards to staying in the touch, it’s exhilarating to unplug from technology and plug into your surroundings. Expand your opportunities, and experiences creating memories you didn’t know were possible.

**Disclaimer this website is here to simply express nature’s beauty. Dreambigtravelwide and it’s affiliates are not responsible for any injuries, or fatalities that may occur when performing outdoor activities, or anything covered in blog posts.These activities can be dangerous. Please be responsible and know your limits, if you choose to participate, you are doing so at your own risk. This post is in no way encouraging inviting strangers on a vacation with you. Always remember stranger danger and if someone invites you into their van and says they’re headed to Chicago, don’t get in. This is a red flag. 

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