Big Island: Mixed sand beach, if that’s a thing

Distance: 5 miles roundtrip

Trail type: Out and back

Elevation Change: Minimal

Traffic: Light

Level of difficulty: Easy

Directions to trailhead: Turn toward the ocean off of highway 130 onto Kiloli St. take this road until it dead ends and turn left onto Beach Rd. This short dirt road drops you off at the trailhead. If you park within the gates be sure to be back for your car before 5pm, or you will be camping until dawn as they lock the gate.

The trail starts exposed..

and as you make your way along the trail the greenery becomes more dense.

We haven’t had much a problem with bugs with our time in Hawaii, but due to the damp swampy environment, along with the fallen fruit from the trees, bug spray would be a nice addition to your checklist.

This trail is very easy to follow and there were no points of questioning our navigation There is a stretch where the trail becomes very muddy, probably not the best hike for sandals.

Check out this plant, mimosa pudica, we saw along the way! They are so neat!

As you scurry along the trail, it starts to open along the shoreline continue straight for the beach. There is also a trail off to the right for ATVs to follow.  Whether you choose to hike along the shoreline, or continue along the trail, both will take you to the beach.

This beach was different than any of the beaches we have seen since been on the island. It was a black and white sand beach!

The water remained shallow a generous distance into the water, however if you choose to swim, be mindful of high tide and currents. This was taken about 20′ from shore (This should have been my audition photo for the sandlot).

BUUUUTTTT the treasure, the real beauty, were unveiled immediately upon starting our journey back… from those who call the ocean home, living, breathing, turtles!🐢 live and in the flesh!

Is this real life? ^^^^

On the way back we decided to take the shoreline toward the ATV trail which will return you to the trail that brought us to the beach!

And as the waves crashed against the rocks, and the mist from the ocean surrounded her, she closed her eyes in gratitude because she is here, in this life, walking, hearing, seeing feeling and that.. should not be taken for granted.

Thank you for reading!

**Disclaimer this website is here to simply express nature’s beauty. Dreambigtravelwide and it’s affiliates are not responsible for any injuries, or fatalities that may occur when performing outdoor activities, or anything covered in blog posts. These activities can be dangerous. Please be responsible and know your limits, if you choose to participate, you are doing so at your own risk. 

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