Travel: A guide in choosing your next destination

How am I supposed to choose a place to go when there are so many I wish to see? Is “everywhere” a place? I will take two tickets please.

The fact of the matter is, it isn’t going to get easier to choose. You are going to find a place you want to go and then 10 minutes later you’re on Pinterest and guess what? You found another.

This is the beauty of seeing the world, you can go there on your next trip, it will still be there. So find a place, book it and stick with it.  You will be much happier knowing that balls to the wall, all bets are in…LET’S GO!!

Some factors to take into consideration when choosing your next destination…to potentially narrow your options and preventing you from pulling your hair out from all the “stress” you have of too many choices (not the worst problem to have).

  1. What type of vacation are you looking for? Are you a beach bum, adventurer, or somewhere in between?
  2. What type of weather are you looking to experience? Just because it is sunny and beautiful where you’re staying doesn’t mean your destination will be. Look at annual weather trends to help you decide.
  3. When is the off season versus tourist season to your destination? Weigh the pros and cons of going during different times of the year. Tourist season often means increased airfare, accommodation, and excursion pricing.
  4. Who is your travel companion? If you have the choice between two destinations and you’re going with your friend, or traveling solo, you may choose a different location than if you were to be traveling with your significant other.
  5. If you do travel solo, there is an entire other list of considerations you may want to look into based on safety purposes.
  6. What is your budget? Figure out the number you wish to spend and choose a vacation that you will be able to enjoy and won’t be strapped for cash. If you are trying to choose between Iceland and Thailand but cant decide which to choose.. Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Your dollar will go a lot further in Thailand. Both beautiful locations, but if you’re strapped for cash. This may make the decision slightly less difficult.

Where will you be going on your next big trip? Comment below!


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