Digital world: Forgotten socialism

How to deepen physical, and emotional connections, while living in a digital world.

We are constantly surrounded by technology as we all know. We have become so dependent on what technology provides, obsessing over social media, keeping up with others peoples lives,  decisions, actions and reactions. Our awareness has shifted dramatically toward external stimuli; So much so, that we’ve lost focus on the one life that truly matters… Our own!

We create many of our relationships via technology. I will be the first to advocate meeting people online, this is a great way for people to connect, initially (Initially being the key word here). Building a relationship from a computer, or via text message will be just that. To really connect and give the relationship an opportunity to flourish depends on face to face connection.

We often use social media platforms, or texting as a social filter, an autocorrect to “improve” or delete our flaws. Masking the expression of our most organic self.

He texted me this, what am I going to say back? How am I going to respond? Your initial response (what you would say in person), “no that is silly” or “that will make me seem….”

So you embellish, tweak, and rid the special qualities that set you apart from the rest of the world.

Engaging autocorrect.

But “I sound smarter, more influential, inspirational, cool, exciting via text.” Your imperfections make you unique, imperfections show that you are human. It shows that you have character and personality. Embrace being you.

Even with face to face interactions, technology can hinder profound connection. When you are on a date, or simply enjoying one anothers company are often looking at our phones. Checking our newsfeeds, watching videos, texting other people. This is a barrier to what is right in front of you. The conversation that you are having with that person who is sitting at arms length just lost all empathy and emotion because our attention is elsewhere.

With this I challenge you to set your phone down. To set time aside where technology is not the center of your conversation. To truly immerse yourself in what is right in front of you. To take advantage of true deep intimate moments. To bring awareness to your thoughts, and emotions.

Even if this is just an hour at the dinner table. When you ask your significant other, your kids, or parents how their day was to truly be present in the moment. Ask, why? Dig a little deeper. Why was today such a good day? Dive past the superficial level of the conversation.

At the end of the day ask yourself.. What truly matters? Everyone else in the world, or those who are right in front of you?

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