Hawaii: Southernmost point in the United States

Many think that the southernmost point in the United States is located in key west in south Florida, while that may be true for the continental United States, the real trophy goes to south point on the big island of Hawai‘i.

Not only does Hawaii have Key West beat geographically speaking, but if you take into account the thrill aspect Hawai‘i blows Key West out of the water, literally!

At south point there is a blow hole here in the rocks that you can actually jump into and swim through to the cliff side.

For all of you adrenaline seekers, this is a spot to cliff jump is around a 40 to 50′! If you work up the courage you will have mega bragging rights along with a one of a kind view from below which is breathtakingly gorgeous (if you have a GoPro bring it for photos below) The cliff is all hollow underneath and the water is stunningly clear.

The longer you wait the more nervous you become when preparing to jump. If you do decide to jump be sure that you are [a] a strong swimmer [b] you have confidence in the ability to pull yourself up to the ladder hanging below. [c] you have someone recording you because you will want to see it afterwards!

When you jump things to also note.

1. Wait until the person below is at least halfway up the ladder before you jump.

2. You will only want one person on this ladder at a time.

3. The ladder depending on the wave situation fluctuates, don’t freak out when you’re down at the bottom and wait for a nice wave to come to assist your climb up.

4. There are two ladders, only use the ladder to the left when looking up from the water. The other ladder is broken.

*Disclaimer this website is here to simply express nature’s beauty. Dreambigtravelwide and it’s affiliates are not responsible for any injuries, or fatalities that may occur when performing outdoor activities, or anything covered in blog posts. These activities can be dangerous. Please be responsible and know your limits, if you choose to participate, you are doing so at your own risk.

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