Secrets: Making love last

I am no love guru by any means, but I believe in order to have a successful relationship that lasts a lifetime, you will need a few things.

Gratitude: let your partner know every day that you are grateful, not only say it, but take it a step further and let your partner know what exactly you are grateful for. Being specific and detailed with your reasons of gratitude show your partner that you truly and deeply mean what you’re saying.

Communication: without open lines of communication you are going to have a hard time truly opening up and letting your emotions be heard. Being able to openly and honestly communicate with your partner will prevent tension and knowing what the other is thinking, or feeling will help keep the relationship strong.

Do something nice, or meaningful for your partner. I guarantee there is nothing they will enjoy more than knowing they’re appreciated. Whether it be a little love note, or a surprise waiting for them when they get home from work, i.e. their favorite meal, a hot bath, a massage, whatever the case may be, little tokens of appreciation will go a long way.

Have meaningful conversations: When you get home from work and are seeing each other for the first time, ask about their day. When you are asked about your day, say more than “it was good, or fine.” Go into details about interactions you had throughout the day, what you learned and enjoyed from the day, choose to go a little deeper and add some substance to your conversations.

Know your partners love language. If you are having trouble connecting to your partner you could be showing your love in a way they don’t necessarily choose to accept love.   There is a personality test to discover your love language  leave a comment with your love language below!

Spend quality uninterrupted time together and be present: This is a way to make sure you’re keeping that love alive and strong. don’t just live alongside one another choose to be a part of one another’s lives knowing and trusting each other.

Support each others decisions, aspirations, goals and desires. Be a motivator, their biggest fan and ignite the aspiration to be the best version of themselves. When you’re in love, allowing your partner to live out dreams and reach full potential your relationship has unlimited room to flourish.

Don’t let the spark die: You have control of the amount of excitement, flavor, joy, appreciation, satisfaction, just be in love, the more you love the more your partners love will shine. Together it will make for an unbreakable bond.



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