Kauai: Waimea Canyon trail

Waimea driven scenic route to canyon trail

Trail length: 3.2 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Elevation gain on ascent: 1,210′

Traffic: Moderate traffic trail.

What to bring: water, sunscreen, swimsuit, water-shoes, snacks, plenty of water, towel, bag for wet clothes, hiking boots.

This beautifully picturesque, scenic route is located in the western part of Hawaii’s island Kauai.

This video clip was on the opposite side of the road from the photo above.

From peak to valley the elevation change is 3,600′. The valley is 1 mile wide and stretches 14 miles across the western side of the island.

This was a scenic point along Koke’e road.

There are scenic overlooks along this entire drive, this one here is the Waimea overlook a very densely populated spot along the drive. As you can also see it’s not super clear. This is from the “vog” (volcanic fog) winds bring these dense clouds over from the volcanos.

This trail is VERY muddy. The entire canyon trail is downhill and can get slick! This also means your way back is uphill, so don’t drink all of your water on the way down.

but you’re hiking down to the top of an 800′ waterfall which is pretty insane! This arrow is the path the canyon trail!

There is a swim hole up here, but proceed with caution as flash floods can be extremely dangerous and potentially fatal.

This was from the top of the waterfall!

Keep in mind to get to this point you will have to climb some rocks, so watch your step.

You also get to walk along this badass cliff line!

Do it for the views💁🏻‍♀️

A hike like this wouldn’t feel right inside if I didn’t do some yoga.

(Note: this trail was a last minute decision when exploring Waimea. When we started this hike we didn’t know what the views were going to be, or where exactly we would end up, but it was a spectacular spontaneous decision). Moral of the story, be FLEXIBLE and be open if your day doesn’t go as planned, something amazing might come of it.

Tip* Get gas before you turn onto Waimea drive and have a full tank. There will be no place to get gas and those steep mountain grade roads will gobble it all right up.

*Disclaimer this website is here to simply express nature’s beauty. Dreambigtravelwide and it’s affiliates are not responsible for any injuries, or fatalities that may occur when performing outdoor activities, or anything covered in blog posts. These activities can be dangerous. Please be responsible and know your limits, if you choose to participate, you are doing so at your own risk.

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