2018: I will make you my Bitch.

New year new me!

Sound familiar?

We all go through the same cycle.

YASSS its a new year, I am so excited to________.

January, YOU CRUSH IT.

End of January, I’m just not motivated anymore.

February, we give up and hope next year is better. Why? Because society says we are only allowed to create resolutions, or goals for ourselves on January 1st.

Then what happens? We complain about the same things again until next year because nothing has changed.

Hit close to home?

I know it does for me. I have always been a dreamer, making all of these glorious sounding plans, but not putting them to action. Time after time I would start projects and not finish them.

I’ll tell you what this does..You feed the vicious cycle of excitement and disappointment, preventing growth, development, and sustainability.


You are reinforcing the idea that you are not worthy of the promises you make to yourself.

Stop feeding yourself the BULLSHIT and start treating yourself with love and respect.


You CAN.

Here are some steps to help you FOLLOW THROUGH with your new years resolutions.

WARNING: Reaching your goals will not always be easy. You may not “feel” like it. It may not always go your way, and you may face challenges along your journey.But ask yourself this? What is a promise to yourself worth? Is it worth becoming happier? Healthier? More confident?

What if I told you the secret?

Would you try?

Here are some ways to be true to yourself and accomplish everthing you wish this year. 1 When you set your goals set a daily, weekly and monthly goal. Put a timeframe on them making sure they are measurable and attainable.

2 Write them down. If you write down your goals in a place where you can see them every day, than you are more likely to focus your attention on them.

3 Reflect: focus on what went well in the process to achieve your goals and what can you change to become better tomorrow.

4 Have an accountability partner.. someone who will help you reach your goals, call you out on your crap if you’re slipping and keeps your head up and mind forward. Having extrinsic motivators may just be the push you need.

What do you have to lose? NOTHING. So be AMAZING.

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