Hawaii: On a budget

How I traveled to Hawaii for less than $2,000 for two weeks!

!!!Note this is based on a per person rate for two people!!!

Skiplagged: this website is used to compare flights and find you the best deal! The twist is, they do what is called “hidden city flights” meaning.. if your desired destination is Los Angeles your itinerary for example could be:

Flight from Tampa, LAYOVER in Los Angeles with a final destination of Las Vegas.

Trick is you will just get off at LAX and skip your layover.

This ends up being a less expensive flight because rather than having a direct flight to (what the airlines think is) Vegas you have a layover.

The only real “downfall” of this is you aren’t able to check any bags, because they will end up at the final destination. However, living the minimalist way is hella fantastic. You’re left carrying less, and it makes choosing your outfits a lot more simple.

This is not illegal, but airlines don’t really “like” you doing it per say. They give you much more detailed information regarding this on the website.

The site we used for the rental cars was Hotwire. This site compares all of the car companies car options and sometimes you can find deals as low as $8.00/day. That’s a steal! We found our cars for around $19.00/day in Oahu and $22.00/day in Kauai.

For lodging we used Airbnb. A handy trick to Airbnb is to either book a week at a time, because sometimes they give discounts, or if a place you find doesn’t have all the days you want/need.. try breaking up the days and staying in two different places checking availability. You can find a MANY places for less than $75.00/night.

Oahu Airbnb this was a very small room, but we were right on the water, had access to a  double person kayak, and it included breakfast in the morning. We paid around $75.00/night and it was a very convenient to a lot of the places we wanted to visit.

We also were open to all options, there can be some very nice places with a private room, some are a guest house with private entry. It’s even better to find a place that provides breakfast. Because that eliminates a meal you’ll have to prepare/ or buy later!

Go City Card can be found on Groupon, at Costco, or on the website itself. I believe that Costco is the best deal for this pass.

We purchased this pass for 351 dollars and included in this pass was around 40 different activities and it was good for 3 full days!

Some of the activities required reservations, but others you could just show up.

Your pass also includes a premium activity to choose from. We chose the luau and this activity alone will almost pay for the pass! *premium

There is everything you can imagine on the pass:

Botanical gardens

Moped rental/bike rentals

Paddle boarding/kayaking

Luau* (this was the premium activity we chose)!

Jurassic Park movie tours ( the one at the ranch includes an ATV tour, but it is not advertised, so be sure ask about this and book in advance).

Water park

Pearl Harbor

Catamaran sail

24 hour snorkel rental

Snorkel with sea turtles*

Surfing lesson

Swim with dolphins*

Tons of options!

Hikes/ free activities

Diamond Head State Monument $1.00 for foot entry (CASH) <<< (<<< more content to follow)

KoKo Crater Trail

Strairway to Heaven

Drive up to the north shore and watch the surfers catch come crazy waves, some of them were over 20’ tall!

Inter island flights are usually pretty affordable, we flew from Oahu to Kauai for $71.00 and that was the island we flew back to the mainland from.

In Kauai There is SO MUCH NATURE on this island it’s amazing!

Do a quick hike with great views in the city of Kapaa Sleeping Giant

Waimea canyon trail <<<

See the Na Pali Coast via the Kalalua Trail

Watch the most incredible sunset on the island at the Hanalei bay Pier.<<<

Give yourself a budget per day for food and spending money. Groceries can be expensive here. Walmart, Target, and Costco seemed to have the most affordable groceries.

STAY TUNED for hot spots to eat/ more hiking trails/ packing hacks

*Disclaimer this website is here to simply express nature’s beauty. Dreambigtravelwide and it’s affiliates are not responsible for any injuries, or fatalities that may occur when performing outdoor activities, or anything covered in blog posts. These activities can be dangerous. Please be responsible and know your limits, if you choose to participate, you are doing so at your own risk.

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  1. I used to work for some airlines (4, to be exact, not at the same time of course!) and if you did this kind of thing (no-show on a flight) they would cancel the rest of the flights on your ticket. But if you had different tickets from different agents and airlines it could work, of course there’s still the baggage problem. Anyway, I live in a different corner of the world than you and my experiences are probably outdated 🙂

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