Kauai: Sleeping Giant hike

This gem can be found on Nounou Mountain,  on the east side of Kauai.

How the hike was named: when you’re at the right angle the shape of the mountain looks like a human lying on his back, mouth open, snoozing.

This short 2 mile hike starts at the end of a residential street. So if your maps takes you into a neighborhood, you’re going the right way.

At the end of the street you will walk toward the trail. There is a meadow in front of you and an option to go left or right.

Go left.

The idea is that you just continue to ascend on this trail. If that’s the case you’re going the right way.


You’re all uphill until the top. Bring water and take breaks. You will go through this tunnel of massive pine trees. It’s absolutely stunning!

There is a great place to stop and rest on the way up at a picnic table. There is an overhead awning which is also nice if it starts to rain you can take shelter here for the rain to pass.

That being said, when we reached the top. you couldn’t see a thing. It started raining and was super cloudy. IMG_2511

Don’t let this deter you. We waited about an hour all of the rain passed, the clouds moved and this was our view afterwards.


This is the case on a lot of these hikes. fog, rain, or clouds…try to stick it out to see if it will pass.

Be sure to see the wind tunnel/little cave at the top. When you reach the summit it will be to your left. It’s about 10 feet around the corner. Be careful! It’s a little skinny path to get to there!

Do it for the views!


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