Hawaii: Waipi’o Valley day hike

Distance: 5.7 Miles

Rating: Intermediate

Elevation gain: 1,453ft

Type of Trail: Out and back Mostly paved/Some muddy areas in valley

Location: Honokaa

What to bring: Sunscreen, hat, water, snacks, water shoes, camera

At the trailhead there is a bathroom and a lookout area.  Use the restroom here as you wont find another until the porta johns at the beach.IMG_1108

This is a moderately trafficked route, but you will be sharing this trail with cars. That being said, if you have a 4×4 vehicle you are able to take your vehicle down the trail/road to the beach and the falls.

On the way down, the first mile is a steep downhill paved path. Dropping you into the valley at a quick descent for about a mile (photos don’t do it justice).

HACK*** Sometimes the paved trails can be tough on your joints, if there isn’t a car approaching lighten the blow to zig-zag your way down. You may look silly, but it is very helpful to control your pace and your legs will thank you after.

Once you near the bottom there will be a fork in the road, to go left will bring you towards the waterfall..

If you choose to drive your vehicle down be sure to drive respectfully so [a] you don’t flatten someone like a pancake on the way down and [b] the locals say so…

Hawaii has some absolutely insane trees. I am in love! This was a rainbow eucalyptus tree found on the path toward the waterfall.

There is a trail to the falls, to get you up close and personal, but unfortunately, it is on private property. This is a very clearly marked trail, but seemed to have locals on guard so this was a no go.

Just before that trail the local weather was displayed todays forecast Coconut moving…

After that marker you follow this path to the river where it will dead end and then retrace your footsteps to the fork in the road to head to the beach.

This is a very wide road/trail so you cannot miss it. This is where it can get muddy so beware.

On the way to the beach we ran into three wild horses! Aren’t they cute?

We reached the beach and the wind was blowing fearlessly. There is no lifeguard on duty and the waters are rough so be careful if you choose to swim.

This was our view from the beach…pretty incredible!

The trip wouldn’t be complete without a smooching photo. NAILED IT.

After we were finishing up we started the tough all uphill trek to the top…we were a little over halfway and had been walking straight uphill for about 15 minutes when a truck pulled up to us with filled with a TON of grateful hikers so we hopped in the bed for a lift to the top! It was THE BEST!

At the start of the hike if you go on a Friday or a Saturday you will find my friend Ranger Rocky.  He is a genuine, pleasant, and extremely helpful guy! Be sure to stop by and say Halle sent you if you see him!

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