When life gives you lemons: Make whatever the fuck you want with them.. it’s your life.

Are you truly happy with your job? Your relationships? Your health and lifestyle choices?

If you’ve answered no to any of these questions, guess what? You’re not alone, in fact…

According to gallop poll, in September 2017, 85% of the worlds population reported hating their jobs.

Humans are creatures of habit, instead of taking a risk to support your mind, and body’s well being, we choose every day to continue down the path of certainty.

Do I blame you?

No, but imagine the life of your dreams? Are you living that life? If not what’s holding you back?

I used to work 40 hour/ week job that I hated. I would get anxiety every day I went to work. The environment was toxic, and the negativity consumed me. I left work every day, angry, frustrated, and drained.

Deciding to leave behind what doesn’t serve you can be challenging, but opening your mind and heart to new possibilities and opportunities can open doors you didn’t know existed! Embrace the unknown.

PEOPLE, let’s face it.. it takes a toll on us and our relationships.

So why give all of our energy to something, or someone who doesn’t deserve it? Don’t let your circumstances control your emotions, actions, or reactions.

Life is too short to settle for anything less than spectacular, and you all have the ability and power to make it happen!

Whether it’s, ditching your job, deciding to stick to that diet you’ve been meaning to try, finally making the move on that person you’ve been crushing on. Whatever the case may be, you are in control of your life, so change what isn’t serving you.

I left behind all of the negative energy in my life and decided to take complete control. I am my own boss in life and I choose to be happy, healthy, and love unconditionally! Nothing, and no one can stand between me and my dreams, and if they don’t like it…They can go make lemonade with their lemons, but I’m going to make whatever the fuck I want with mine!

This is MY LIFE!

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