Hawaii’s Hidden Beaches

With a few exceptions, almost all of the beaches in Hawaii are open to the public. That being said; you can drive anywhere along the coastline, follow little trails roadside and find some hidden gems. 👌🏽

Here is one we visited in Hilo. At the beginning of this path there is a public parking lot, there is also street parking.

This was the opening to the trail! Along the way, there was a beautiful banyan tree (note this tree will be on your left). It felt like a true jungle excursion with leaves from trees 2′-3′ in size! Be careful if you choose to sit, or climb on these rocks as they are very slippery and a large wave could wipe you out when you least expect it. This photo here was taken right before a MASSIVE wave snuck up on us! A lot of the beaches here are not swimmable as there are high tides, rip currents, and a lot of rocks. Be mindful of where you choose to swim.

This is a quick clip of the crazy waves!

Happy wandering!

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