Subconscious: you are no longer my ruler.

From the moment a thought, or idea is brought into the conscious mind, research shows we have a five second window of opportunity to act on our ideas.

Our mind is programmed to KILL.

If we train our brain to attend to our prefrontal cortex and act on instincts, rather than critiques, us humans have unlimited potential.

I was recently given the opportunity to snorkel with sea turtles. I was ready; flippers, lifejacket, snorkel and mask on… it was my turn to jump into the deep blue.

My body hit the water and completely FROZE, I was terrified. While my heart was racing, and I was hyperventilating, I lost all ability to swim. All I was thinking, “I need to get back on that boat.”

Struggling to place my face in the water, my chest was growing tighter, and I couldn’t breathe.  I swam to the rope used to anchor us, and grabbed on tight…closed my eyes, and counted backwards from 5…Slow down breathing

4…I CAN do this



1…open eyes (I’m still OKAY)

And that is the point here, I WAS OKAY. I was able to completely reframe everything with those 5 numbers.

Did I think about swimming back to the boat? ABSOLUTELY. I could have fed into the flight response my brain was signaling, but I chose to FIGHT! If I went back to that boat I wouldn’t have experienced an amazing opportunity that was right in front of me. Sea turtles set aside….

We all have our fears, triggers, and tricks our minds play on us.

The next time you are faced with a challenge allow yourself the opportunity to reset. FIGHT the urge to run and RISE higher than you thought you ever could!

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