Failure: I will not let you win, for I am not

Failure: the act or state of not functioning (google). <<<<FAILURE DOES NOT EXIST If you continually push forward and try again. Failure only exists if you allow defeat.

Choose to pair life with the idea of everlasting growth.

Think of life as a marathon, not a sprint. Literally, and figuratively speaking if you decide to train for a marathon, it is impossible to go TOOOOO slow. Take the time your mind and body needs to build the strength confidence, and endurance to set you up for success.

Add one mile at a time, improve your speed one second at a time. Focus on building the structure and foundation prior to running your marathon. By doing so you are much greater prepared for what lies ahead. Going from zero to 26 or even going zero to ten can result in mental and physical fatigue, injury and will set you back further from attaining your goals.

Steps to success:

  1. Set a plan, and take it one day at a time. Its okay to adjust your plan, if something is not working change it to what serves you.
  2. Set our for achievements, not expectations and this will increase your satisfaction.
  3. Be flexible, not everything goes according to plan .
  4. Face your obstacles with and open mind and an open heart. those obstacles only make you stronger and make your journey worth reaching your destination.

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