Actually I Can: Ditch those who don’t support your dreams, desires and passions.

Do you have someone in your life who brings you down, holds you back, laughs at your ideas and tells you, you can’t?

How familiar does this sound? Is it hitting close to home?

Oh! What about… You don’t have the money, or time…your ideas are not practical, or sustainable.

Of course… we all do. We all have something, or someone standing in the way of following our true north.

If it’s not an external barrier,  it’s our subconscious. Our mind is our own worst enemy. As humans we are wired to play it safe, shut down creativity and reinforce negative thinking.

The first step in following your true north is to eliminate all that is holding you back. If you have a friend in your life who tells you, you don’t have the time, money, resources, or the dedication to follow your dreams; do you really need that “friend” in your life? No!

I know what you’re thinking…But what if I can’t cut that person out of my life?

SET BOUNDARIES. YOU are in charge of your own reality. YOU are in control of your life. YOU are the decision maker. So start living the way you want!

Secondly, show your subconscious who’s boss! Train your mind to think more positively, shutting down the negative thoughts holding you back from reaching your dreams (details in a post to come).

I will tell you something,  if you want it, GO FOR IT! Leave EVERYONE behind who doesn’t support your journey to self-improvement, self-awareness and finally leaving behind self-sacrifice! Surround yourself with innovators, thinkers, doers, and believers.

You’re not doing anyone a favor by masking your uniqueness. So let it SHINE

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