Nurses! Get paid to travel.

1. Graduate

2. Work and gain experience

3. See the country and get paid!

I graduated nursing school and worked on a post op orthopedic med surge unit. This was all fun and dandy, but I knew this wasn’t for me. The plan was to start traveling at the 1 year date EXACTLY, but I know I want to travel for at least the next 5-10 years so being stuck in medsurge that long would probably drive me mad.


If you don’t love your specialty CHANGE IT. There are so many opportunities.

I did PEDS OR for 12 months packed my bags and went to my first destination. Whoever told you that you need 5 years of experience is FULL OF CRAP. Have confidence in yourself, your skills, and KICK ASS wherever you go.

That being said, they expect you to hit the ground running so be prepared. You will never feel 100% ready. It’s a big change and people don’t like change.

Remember this…


Message me for details and I will hook you up!IMG_2933.JPG

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